Two Reasons You Should be Using Landing Page Marketing

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You may have heard of the concept of using a landing page to help reach your business’s audience more effectively. Most likely, this discussion involved a heavy amount of web and marketing jargon without a lot of simple terms as to how landing page marketing can work for you. Why would you want to build a small, one-page website to market to people who could just come to your current site? Why pay for something that potentially only serves a small audience?

These are valid questions that many businesses ask when looking at whether they should pay for a targeted landing page marketing campaign. Many companies fail to understand just how powerful a tailor-made landing page can be. Whatever your reasons for looking into landing page marketing, here are three reasons why you should be using landing pages in your next marketing campaign.

#1: Landing pages are adaptable to your message

Are you launching a new product within the next few months? Want to offer a new service, but don’t know how well it will be received? Want to increase sales for a particular part of your business without changing your whole website and marketing strategy? Landing page marketing allows you to do all of this and more through the use of a simple, customized one page website. By creating a single page user experience, you can share a new product or service to a particular audience without doing an extensive website design.

You can use a landing page to accomplish a variety of goals:

  • Gather email addresses from potential customers in the months leading up to a new product launch.
  • Test different headlines and copy to see which lead to increased sales and/or leads.
  • Increasing focus on a niche product or audience.
  • Refresh your brand’s image without spending thousands on a new website redesign.

You can dedicate an entire site and landing page to a single product or service within your company, allowing you to increase sales for a specific period of time. All of this can be done with minimal effort and at a much lower cost than a complete website design and marketing strategy overhaul.


#2: Landing pages are targeted and increase conversions

It goes without saying that if you are able to tailor your copy to your audience, then you are more likely to see that audience respond. Landing pages offer that sort of conversion opportunity on a micro level. By focusing on a particular brand message, niche audience, or bespoke product, you can customize a landing page to fit a specific set of people. When connected with a targeted Facebook marketing campaign, landing pages offer you the opportunity to narrow your funnel for leads and shorten your sales cycle.

This is possible specifically through landing page marketing because of its versatility. These campaigns allow you to serve a specifically tailored advertisement to a small audience who is then sent to a website that is customized to fit their interests. Lets say that you know that a higher percentage of sales for one of your products come from females, age 35-50 in Topeka, Kansas. Landing page marketing allows you to serve ads and messages about this product directly to this audience. Then, when someone clicks through on your advertisement, they are lead to a page that only discusses the product that you know that they are interested in. Your sales cycle is simplified and your audience is more likely to purchase.

Let us help you reach your audience

These are just two of the many reasons that you should be using landing page marketing for your next ad campaign. dRAE Media and Marketing can help you create the perfect landing page experience for your audience, and then we can connect it to an expertly targeted ad campaign. Don’t spend money sending your message to the wrong audience. Let dRAE Media and Marketing help you tailor your message, increase your sales, and your lower advertising costs.

Feeling out-of-date when it comes to social media marketing strategies? Don’t limit yourself to outdated methods and strategies. Let dRAE Media & Marketing help you reinvigorate your social and digital strategy. Doesn’t matter whether you are in Louisville, Lexington, or Timbuktu, we have the tools to take your business to the next level. Contact us today and let us show you what dRAE Media & Marketing can do.

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