Ron VillahermosaProgrammer

    Seasoned veteran with 10+ years of progressive “digital advertising experience” and 13+ years consulting with small to enterprise level businesses with proven success. Fun facts about me include the fact that I question everything. I’ll question the heck out of things I don’t understand until I own the understanding for myself. I’m a huge advocate of disruptive technology but I’m also under the firm belief that technology and it’s effectiveness is only as good as the people behind it. I also see one path, that in order to get ahead you have to be willing to go against the tide and that to create positive impact, you simply need to head back to basics.

    Well versed in search & digital advertising with an emphasis on revenue generation, monetization, digital media planning & optimization of various marketing campaigns. Simply put, I love “fine tuning” the dials of your organization’s digital strategy by connecting the dots and improving on what you currently have in place. By leveraging years of industry experience & vertical knowledge, a comprehensive suite of tools and an amazing team of industry experts, regardless of whether or not you are an agency or an advertiser, I can help you navigate through what most consider to be a complex and sometimes chaotic digital landscape and ultimately drive home what matters most to your bottom line, ROI!

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