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KFC Yum! Center

What We Did

In an effort to build excitement for the Center’s upcoming events, and build value for their sponsors, KFC Yum! Center partnered with the Kentucky Department of Highway Safety for an online advertising campaign. Developing all the creative and utilizing paid Facebook advertising, dRAE Media & Marketing created a contest offering a chance to win tickets to the upcoming and highly anticipated¬† Kid Rock concert. Those who entered the contest had to offer up their contact information and pledge that they would not drink and drive. The program was a tremendous success, garnering 1878 likes for the Kentucky Office of HIghway Safety Page. Not only did more than 2,300 people pledge to the campaign, but it also spontaneously generated more than 127 unsolicited positive 5 star reviews on Facebook, a tremendous SEO boost for Kentucky Office of Highway Safety. With a goal of 50,000 impressions, the campaign dRAE created achieved almost four times the expected traffic.

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