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Incipio Workforce Solutions had a unique challenge– building a new recruitment and human resource consulting firm from the ground up. They had an initial logo, but no specific branding effort tied to their company. That is why they turned to the experts at dRAE Media & Marketing, who helped Incipio not only develop a cohesive branding campaign, but also a comprehensive list of product offerings and services. dRAE’s copywriters and designers took Incipio’s deep knowledge of recruiting and HR and showcased the company’s expertise through social media marketing and SEO-friendly copywriting. These marketing and copywriting efforts allowed people coming to the Incipio website to be able to get a clear understanding of the company’s diverse offerings.

This aggressive and targeted social media outreach campaign has also been good for Incipio’s clients, who rely on the firm to find applicants for their open jobs. Instead of focusing on expensive online listing services, dRAE helps Incipio promote its openings through social media advertising campaigns, paid per click advertising, direct mail, flyers and limited television advertising. This move has helped Incipio target the right audiences, without having to waste thousands of dollars on industry standard campaigns that are mostly ineffective. The results from these out-of-the-box marketing techniques have given Incipio higher returns than other firms in the industry, with 50 to 60 applications coming in daily, on average.

Incipio requires all applicants to take an extensive personality test online, which improves the likelihood of the firm making the right hire for the position. After finding that applicant frequently abandoned these test midway, dRAE and Incipio strategically planned a customer retention strategy of email reminders and phone calling campaigns. This methods have been highly successful and have helped to improve the overall rate of completion on these assessments.

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Interested customers could choose from a series of professionally edited videos, informative SEO-friendly blog posts, along with press releases and whitepapers built to develop sales leads. dRAE Media & Marketing used this targeted marketing, along with industry focused press offerings, to help Incipio develop true thought leadership in HR circles throughout Kentuckiana. dRAE’s writers also helped Incipio’s founder, Molley Ricketts, develop professionally written columns on HR issues for Louisville’s business publication, Business First. After implementing these marketing outreach techniques, Incipio has seen a huge jump in their following on social media. Currently, Incipio has 1,000 regular followers on its various social media channels.

The result of all this marketing, social media outreach and SEO-focused copywriting has been highly beneficial for Incipio, which has quickly grown to a staff of more than 12 full-time recruiters. Their overall sales have increased as well, accounting for an average of approximately 1,000 open positions being filled by Incipio at any one time. Through their innovative HR techniques and the strategic marketing and branding campaign brought about by dRAE, Incipio has grown to become one of the dominant HR and recruiting firms in the region in little over a year.

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