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This year, dRAE Media & Marketing was chosen as the PR & Marketing agency for the 2016 Louisville Innovation Summit. We were charged with handling all of the social media marketing, email marketing, and advertising for this prestigious conference. Held in downtown Louisville, the annual conference focuses exclusively on the medical professionals and innovators working within the aging care industry. C-Suite executives from Fortune-500 companies throughout the United States attend this gathering to discuss current healthcare issues with entrepreneurs and innovators. The professionalism and expertise of dRAE Media & Marketing made us the best choice to handle the PR and Marketing efforts leading up to, and during the conference. Here are just some of the results that we were able to produce for this year’s Louisville Innovation Summit.

Facebook Results

dRAE was also asked to handle the Facebook marketing and strategy for the Louisville Innovation Summit during the months leading up to the event. During the five month period from June to the end of October, dRAE handled the social media strategy, advertising, and targeting for the conference on Facebook. We were able to specifically show our posts to key decision makers and potential attendees through the use of detailed Facebook audiences and targeting practices. From June to October, dRAE Media & Marketing was able to take the number of Facebook Fans for the Louisville Innovation Summit from 645 people to 1,101. That is an increase of 70.6% in the number of Facebook Fans alone.

During that same five month period, dRAE was able to get the Louisville Innovation Summit just under 9,000 unique user engagements, and we were able to reach over 326,000 unique users on Facebook using only low cost targeted post boosting and a strong engagement strategy. Our posts on the Facebook page had 622,637 impressions from June to October, with an average of around 4,300 users a day seeing one or more posts about the Louisville Innovation Summit. During the months of July, August, and September alone, dRAE was able to connect with users across the country, starting a dialogue around posts that led to 5510 unique users talking about the Louisville Innovation Summit on Facebook.

This strategy led to a significant increase in the amount of people discussing the conference on a variety of channels including social media, online publications, and through direct emails to employees and colleagues. This also improved the overall amount of discussions at the event itself, with many people on the Facebook page discussing articles and ideas leading up to the event. We feel that this had a marked impact on the amount of attendee engagement during the event itself and we heard many people rave about the social media strategy that dRAE used for this event.

Twitter Results

The Louisville Innovation Summit planning committee wanted to capture the interest of executives and innovators across the United States through a strong social media strategy leading up to the conference. One of the platforms that we chose to focus on during the time leading up to the Summit was Twitter. We knew that many of the thought leaders and innovators who attended this gathering would be using Twitter to talk with attendees during the event. That is why we developed a complete social media strategy, including a professional live Tweeting campaign for the three days that the event was going on.

Over the course of a 90 day portion of our campaign, we had 125,700 impressions for our Tweets, with 1,100 Likes and 271 Retweets. We also had 176 link clicks in our tweets, with many of those links leading directly to the Louisville Innovation Summit website and registration page.

The increased brand awareness and pre-conference social media push helped this year’s Summit engage even more attendees than previous years. We had four times more Likes for the 2016 conference on Twitter during the two main days of the conference when compared to 2015 (148 Likes in 2015 vs 602 Likes in 2016). There was also a 76% increase in impressions during that same period and a 67% increase in the number of Retweets.

Check This Out

Take a look at the live Twitter feed that we created exclusively for the Louisville Innovation Summit. It included tailored Tweets for weeks leading up to the conference, providing the perfect place for attendees to go to when they needed updates and information from key influencers. We maintained the tailored Twitter feed during the event, including our own live Tweeting, as well as tweets from though leaders and speakers.


Looking specifically at the results that we saw during the live Tweeting campaign, we had awesome results on Twitter. From October 9th to October 13th, we saw 61,600 impressions on Twitter alone, with over 700 Likes and 169 Retweets of @LISummit tweets. We had numerous replies and conversations surround official Tweets from the event, and it allowed the attendees to extend their conversations to social media before, during, and after the event.

All of these amazing numbers were 100% organic, with no money being used to Promote tweets. We captured a number of these Likes and Retweets through research into key influencers, popular hashtags within this community, and effective strategies of driving engagement through meaningful tweets. Our research into this community allowed us to more effectively market directly to the people that mattered for this conference, giving us a better edge on gaining followers and engagements on all social media platforms.

Public Relations & Marketing Efforts

Throughout the course of the four months leading up to the conference, dRAE Media & Marketing was able to get almost 50 articles posted online regarding the conference. Many of these articles were published in the month leading up to the conference on reputable sources such as, The Courier Journal, The Lane Report, and TechRepublic (who published multiple “day of” articles). These articles lead to huge brand awareness for the conference and brought in great levels of interest in the conference and startup Pitch Contest.

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