Keys to Success for Location Based Marketing

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The Way to Succeed with Location Based Marketing Is Giving Your Customers What They Want

Reaching out to your customer and getting their information for future use can be a tricky business. What to do… Show them a special offer?  A targeted headline? Line it up with a social technology, and hope for the best?

Those are all legitimate options.  But how much better might your results be if you were able to offer your customer something even better than a coupon: a free service everybody wants—the ability to charge their phone, very fast, for free?

dRAE Media & Marketing is offering your customer development plan a different option with our new offering – Branded charging stations.

Our new charging stations offer you several ways to connect with customers:

  • Attract people to your locations, and make them linger longer with a valuable service.
  • Advertise directly to consumers while charging
  • Poll customers for needed information
  • Unroll special offers or sign-up customers for rewards programs
  • Wrap the charging station in your branded message for long-term advertising options

And that’s just the beginning. dRAE puts the charging station at your location, and we find the advertisers.  Your company can host a charging station. Or, you can advertise on one of our existing stations.

To find out more about what our charging stations can do for you, visit our Charging Station page.

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