Why Facebook Advertising Should be the Hospital Marketer’s Tactic of Choice

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During the second quarter 2016, Facebook had 1.71 billion active users who had signed on to the network in the last 30 days. As the world’s most popular social network, it is embraced by every age, gender and ethnic group. There are a variety of business types that approach dRAE Media & Marketing to assist them in marketing their services through Facebook and other social media networks. One of the industries that sees some of the highest returns for their marketing dollars is not what you would immediately expect. Who would think that healthcare professionals and hospitals could do so well on Facebook advertising?

Here’s why:


It’s a highly efficient way to reach your specific market, locally

Sure, billboards and newspaper ads are great. But Facebook advertising allows you to target your audience on a granular level.  You can choose to run an ad for your new birthing center, and you could target it just to women aged 25 to 45, of a certain income level, in the portion of the city your hospital serves. You can target your ads further, finding women who have recently liked baby items or even those who have talked about babies in their Facebook conversations.


You can offer your audience healthcare education and information they crave, in bite size pieces

By linking to informative pieces on a blog or website, you can draw your target audience to the specific healthcare information they need the most. This is something very hard to do in other advertising mediums, as you cannot target the specific audience who would be interested in your post. Say that you have newly published research about a groundbreaking treatment for those with Type-2 diabetes. You can use information like purchasing habits to find the exact audience who might be interested in this research post. Advertisements like this are also the perfect way to get them to sign up for more regular communications through email newsletters, classes, and direct mailing lists.


It’s inexpensive

By tailoring your market locally, you can pay only for the cost of reaching this smaller audience. For just a few thousand dollars a year, a hospital can very thoroughly cover its marketing area, and target a diverse group of potential patients.


It gives you options for a clear, immediate “call to action”

Would you like to sign up local women for a mammogram? Schedule them for screenings at a community health fair? Encourage them to sign up for baby and me classes? Facebook is the perfect avenue for reaching those patients and driving a higher number of signups. Using a newly added feature, Call Now, users can press a button and be immediately connected to your hospital’s customer service team. The Call Now button is one of many, and these buttons have been proven to improve overall click-through rates by a whopping 185%, according to AdRoll.


Organic Reach won’t work anymore

It used to be that all you needed in order to reach thousands of users on Facebook was engaging content. Then, Facebook changed the rules. By switching their algorithms to filter out all but the sources the reader engages with most, Facebook has changed the way that businesses reach users. That means that organizations that have spent many years and man-hours building up posts with lots of readers who “Like” their page are now reaching less than 10 percent of their established daily audience. Hospitals who are spending time and effort on their Facebook presence are, quite simply, wasting their time unless they are boosting their posts with ads.


According to joint research from ComScore and Facebook (via ClickZ), paid ads reach a 5.3 times larger audience than organic content, and that audience is much more likely to include coveted “light users” who would otherwise be unreachable. Facebook advertising is so targeted, and so inexpensive, it is well worth the investment. The majority of the business market agrees with that analysis. Recent statistics from the Content Marketing Institute shows that 76% of all marketers use paid social media advertising to extend the reach of their campaigns. Their preferred platform? Facebook.

Feeling out-of-date when it comes to social media marketing strategies? Don’t limit yourself to outdated methods and strategies. Let dRAE Media & Marketing help you reinvigorate your social and digital strategy. Doesn’t matter whether you are in Louisville, Lexington, or Timbuktu, we have the tools to take your business to the next level. Contact us today and let us show you what dRAE Media & Marketing can do.

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