How Charging Stations Can Benefit Your Restaurant

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One customer creates numerous opportunities! 

Not knowing exactly who your customers are is a dilemma every restaurant faces, and finding this answer provides the backbone for all of their important marketing decisions. If returning customers account for 30% of your restaurant’s business, then where does the other 70% come from? How do you reach these mystery customers with social media marketing or emails? Don’t make the mistake of appealing to everyone within a 100-mile radius of your business. Why? Because every customer has different behaviors, interests, and demographics. You could be wasting thousands of dollars a year on advertising your restaurant to people who would never be interested in stepping foot inside your business.

So the question remains, who do I target? Your audience should be built off of people with similar behaviors, interests, and demographics. Knowing your current and future customers is a must. You need to attain meaningful data from your customers and use it to help define the people you should be targeting. Keep it simple: get your customer’s email address, phone number, mailing address… and then compile! Next, create “lookalike” audiences on Facebook and other social media platforms to expand your current customer list and market to these people.

How can dRAE help?

If you landing on this page looking for a way to expanding your restaurant or business’ marketing opportunities, you’ve come to the right place! dRAE has the perfect tool to collect customer data while also providing your customers with a valuable FREE service, making you a rock star business owner. dRAE Media’s innovative phone charging station locker lets customers charge their phone (FOR FREE) with the added security of being locked away in a secure unit. Customers provide their phone number and email address, insert their device into one of the locking bays, and begin charging. Now you have the data firepower needed for that “oh so important” marketing list, and a proven marketing strategy that is enacted to target new and existing customers. dRAE can help you place the station and then create ads that are targeted via text, email or social media. We can even assist you in creating “lookalike” audiences that are built based on your consumer’s behaviors, interests, and demographics. One customer creates numerous opportunities!

Feeling out-of-date when it comes to social media marketing strategies? Don’t limit yourself to outdated methods and strategies. Let dRAE Media & Marketing help you reinvigorate your social and digital strategy. Doesn’t matter whether you are in Louisville, Lexington, or Timbuktu, we have the tools to take your business to the next level. Contact us today and let us show you what dRAE Media & Marketing can do.

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