We are a group of talented and experienced

people serving brands across the U.S.

We strive to go above and beyond.

dRAE is a full-service Digital Marketing agency based in Louisville, KY. With Dawn Wigginton as its founder and president, dRAE brings together the region’s best creatives, media minds and public relations strategists to develop cutting-edge marketing and brand optimization.

Our mission is to be nimble. Bold. Zig when your competition zags.

Social strategies are custom built to grow your marketing funnel.  Digital advertising hyper targeted to your customer, with high click through rates. Websites with superior analytics. Writing that cuts to the chase. You can count on us to deliver “outside the box” thinking, when and where you need it.

Meet the team

We have the best talent working with us.

  • Dawn Wigginton
    Dawn Wigginton President/Founder
  • Susan Gosselin
    Susan Gosselin Public Relations
  • Sunni Wigginton
    Sunni Wigginton Project Manager/Photographer
  • Tim Antkowiak
    Tim Antkowiak Videographer
  • Andre Wilson
    Andre Wilson Fashion Designer
  • Ron Villahermosa
    Ron Villahermosa Programmer
  • Tonya York Dees
    Tonya York Dees Marketing & Sponsorship

Our clients

We absolutely love them.

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